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Lost in Light is a videoblog about small gauge filmmaking featuring weekly posts of home movies, work by artists, articles by preservationists and film scholars, video tutorials and other film gems.




Of bears and boat races

click image to view in Flash | Quicktime

Sadly, this is the final post here on Lost in Light. We extend great thanks to all of our contributors and supporters as we draw this project to a close. The site will remain live and searchable as an archive of all the great home movies and creative projects that have been offered here.

With this last film, we present another gem from the great collector of film ephemera, Nolan Pelletier. He includes with this film some amazing slides collected from the same estate sale that offered up this eclectic home movie:

This film came from the Estate of this man. He was definitely a hunter. Half the slides I found were of his latest blood covered hunting kills or his hunting buddies. Mixed in with the rest of the slides was this picture. One of these things is not like the other.

I highly recommend browsing Nolan’s Flickr stream, the owls go, which includes wonderful still images as well as selections of the hours of home movies we transferred from his collection, which make fantastic use of Flickr’s video feature.

Please also visit our friends in small-gauge filmmaking, OnSuper8 and, of course, Home Movie Day (Oct. 18, 2008!), which also includes a comprehensive list of small-gauge film transfer resources.



Comment from Robert
Time: August 11, 2008, -5

Poor bear! But, as ever, such beautiful gauge and magical capturing of time.

If I had an award to give (other than vocal support and profound gratitude) Lost in Light would get it. One of my all time fave places. Thank you!

Comment from Molly
Time: August 12, 2008, -5

Thank you, thank you, light not lost.

Comment from Nicole T
Time: August 16, 2008, -5

Oh no I just discovered this site and you are gone. Thanks for all your support of Super 8.

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