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Doting Mother

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This week, a beautiful and tender movie of a mother clearly in love with her new baby. Submitted by Ashima here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the film features footage from California’s Bay Area in the late 1960s. A bit more detail from Ashima, who was the baby in the film:

Circa 1968 at Albany Village. Outside the apartment, the red car is what my parents used to drive. The red dress I am wearing my mama made. She used to make a lot of the clothes as long as the fabric cost less than $.25.

Next, outside on the lawn on the University campus. The pram was used for both Ashima and Shailesh [Ashima’s brother, born later]. Sari was silk given by Mama’s mama when she got married. Building is near or around Berkeley campus. Hippie is some guy playing the guitar on Berkeley’s campus. My mama said that she didn’t think of him as a hippie, he was just a nice person playing pretty music. How sweet is that?! I love that shot! My mom in a sari and this dude playing guitar! Cultures come together peacefully!

Albany Village is now known as UC Village, a student housing complex just outside of the University of California at Berkeley campus. Ashima’s father was was then working on his Ph.D in Industrial Engineering.

Ashima and her parents at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Click the “MPEG-2” link above for high-resolution footage of this lovely film from the Internet Archive.


Comment from Evan R.
Time: April 12, 2008, -5

Wow. UC Berkeley in 68. Very nice. Final shot is quite poignant. Again, wow.

Comment from Robert Croma
Time: April 16, 2008, -5

Precious and beautiful. The shots of Ashima, her mother and the tender minstrel so very special.

Comment from Ashima Saigal
Time: April 18, 2008, -5

Thank you for the comments. It’s hard to believe how long ago that was, 1968. This year I turn 40, but I was once that tiny and lived in California (I have no memory of that). I agree, the last shot is so sweet. I appeared to like the music. My mother has not changed much! She’s still beautiful.