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I love this week’s film from the 1950s. A simple haircut produces tremendous drama. Our submitter, Susan S. of Louisiana, USA, sums it up best:

My Dad, Carter, is giving my brother, Stephen, his first haircut and I am sure that Mom is taking the pictures. Dad was always the one to give haircuts, bathe us, trim nails etc. I think he was way braver than mother would have been with those scissors! My brother never did like haircuts but Dad continued to be his barber until the ’60’s when he let his hair grow! I think it’s funny at the beginning of the film, that Dad thought Stephen was going to just sit in that chair with the towel around his neck and be cooperative!

Click the “MPEG-2” link above for a high-resolution version of this film, available for download and re-use under a Creative Commons copyright license through the Internet Archive.


Comment from Robert Croma
Time: March 15, 2008, -5

Ha! What an absolute gem.

An English ‘short back and sides’ was my youth. Seemed to be everyone’s favourite haircut then – everyone, that is, except us boys. Unfortunately, no recorded evidence as superb as this to watch all these years later.

Now pass me the scissors, darling…