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Bootday Party

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This week, a charming film from Susan S. from Galveston, Texas, in the 1950s. It’s all about the reactions to those boots! From Susan:

I remember having those red boots! Funny how you remember certain things! Also, I can tell from the wallpaper and a pink rose vase on the table behind me, that we are my grandparents house, Henry and Lillian Schultz, on 49th street in Galveston, Texas. Must have been my 4th birthday so it’s 1953. That is my 1st cousin, Zeb, in the bow tie, and my brother , Stephen, in the high chair. Also in the film is my very handsome Dad Carter Shirey, and my grandparents, paternal grandmother, aunt and uncle. Mother, Betty Shirey, is sitting next to me and helping me unwrap presents. I can’t think of who might be taking the pictures since the whole family is in the film! My grandparents lived in that house until I was 16 – it was built on stilts like most of the houses in Galveston after the storm of 1900.

A reminder that we’re now showing films without sound to more accurately present them in their original form. High-quality raw footage of this film and more is downloadable from the Internet Archive. Click the “MPEG-2” link above.


Comment from Robert Croma
Time: March 11, 2008, -5

What I absolutely love here is the rich intimacy of the occasion. The wonderful domestic detail of a 50s US household. The clothing of the children and adults. The wallpaper. The child’s high chair, and, of course, the toys. Watching the adults in silence there’s a yearning to know more, to ‘see’ more.

Exquisite colour. Wondrous content. And a fabulous historical document.

Intimate 50s family detail, looking as though it could have been filmed yesterday. Rich, beautiful quality.

Comment from stephen shirey
Time: January 12, 2009, -5

I’m stephen (now 56yrs old) Both mom and dad have passed on. but they left 3 great daughters and a son that cherish our memories.

Comment from stephen shirey
Time: January 12, 2009, -5

we have found lots of film like this. my mom was a knockout and my dad should have been a movie star

Comment from stephen shirey
Time: January 12, 2009, -5

oh yea thank u richard c.

Comment from michelle hines
Time: July 4, 2009, -5

I adore your family’s films…and was moved to tears watching this one, the haircut….it’s so beautiful, nostalgic, touching. it made me homesick! all the best to you and your family, thank you for sharing these with everyone!