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Blue Christmas

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Things I love about Old Christmas’: Ashtrays, metal toys, stockings for Porky, miniature bowling alleys, blinding light, ice in tumblers, gravy boats, modeling for moms, Cookie Monster slippers, babies trapped in rolling apparatus, aunts, AM radios, weapons, little bakers, mesmerizing toy packaging, cat tails, typewriters, ez bake ovens, kids buried in wrapping paper, 6-packs, 60 lb. radio controllers, floral house coats, moms who like everything, and easy to please grandpas.

Music: “Blue Christmas” by Jack, Tanner, and Anja. More songs here. Check out Anja’s website which is chock full of her beautiful original artwork, vintage clothes, found photos, and fun blogs.


Comment from david
Time: December 22, 2007, -5

I generally have a thick emotional skin and don’t get “touch” by too many things. You got me big time on this one.

Many many Christmas memories I just had watching this.

Very nicely done.

Comment from Dennis
Time: December 22, 2007, -5

Awesome video! I love it. It’s what Christmas is all about.

Comment from jay dedman
Time: December 22, 2007, -5

where’s the rage-aholic dad who makes everyone feel shameful for not enjoying xmas the right way? where’s the codependent mom who cries at inappropriate times to cover deep trauma she will never be able to unravel because she’s not honest enough with herself to see a therapist. merry xmas!

Comment from Robert
Time: December 29, 2007, -5

What a gem.

Almost a dream sequence. Flickers of recognition and feeling. Things out of reach, things touchable. And questions. Always questions.