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University of Texas 1968

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This week’s film comes from my aunt and uncle, University of Texas alumni, visiting the campus and attending the big game versus Southern Methodist University on November 2, 1968. Texas went on to win and finished ranked #3 in the country. The game footage captures UT’s bovine mascot, Bevo, and SMU’s Shetland pony, Peruna.

Other scenes include a walk around the Littlefield Fountain and looking out over the city from UT’s Clock Tower observation deck. This was the first year the Tower was reopened following the infamous 1966 Charles Whitman shootings. It was later closed in the 1970’s due to a number of suicides and re-opened again under tighter safeguards in 1999. A portion of the film shows a POV from the water spouts that Whitman later fired from after authorities and citizens with hunting rifles began returning fire.

Music “Viertel nach Mitternacht” by Adhesion via Podsafe Music Network.

— Aaron Valdez


Comment from Robert
Time: November 17, 2007, -5

More magnificent footage. And so historic. And disturbing, of course. Didn’t really know the full details of the Whitman slaughter . Reading through them now it all seems so terribly sad. I wonder if this was the first major US mass shooting by a lone gunman?

The scenes from the water fountains near the end are superb. I really must get some of those curlers.

I’m in awe of what you do here. I salute you.

Comment from jay dedman
Time: November 17, 2007, -5

this is example of gold. Nostalgia.
It’s weird that I had s sense of TX pride at the Whitman shootings from the clock tower. Amazing he was able to kill so many from so far away. But then I think how fucked it is to think like this.