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The Coast and the Photographer

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More this week from Janet P of Massachusetts and her collection of home movies from the 1960s and 70s. This post features excerpts of time spent at the beach playing guitars, strolling a river’s bank with friends, and photographing street scenes.

I love the way this film is shot – meandering, exploring, unafraid. This film offers attention to the interesting details of these scenes: kelp rolling on the surface of the water, kites and seagulls overhead, playful interactions with friends. It’s an unusual kind of home movie in which the filmmaker directly participates in the film’s making, rather than simply observing and documenting. I’m sure it made a difference that these films were shot by Janet in her teens and early 20s – there’s a youthful eye behind this camera.


Find high-resolution extended versions of this film on the Internet Archive through our File Directory.

Music: “Baby That’s Me” by The Cake


Comment from Robert Croma
Time: November 2, 2007, -5

Oh Jen. Bliss! And vitality. Luscious with youthful energy and romance. Makes the heart yearn, and the senses explode. I love everything about it. And a perfect soundtrack.

Those beautiful young people. Who’d have thought all these years later the whole world would be able to see them so alive like that. Truly remarkable. Oh, and a big thank you Janet.

Comment from ryanne
Time: November 4, 2007, -5

those are some amazing shots of vintage harvard square!

i read a book recently that was this guy’s journal of that time
and he went to harvard square and then paddling on a river with friends up to new hampshire. this film was like the movie of the book. so weird.