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Heartbroken in Cuba

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Videoblogger extraordinaire Ryanne Hodson (RyanEdit, Ryan is Hungry) sends us this spectacularly beautiful and fascinating footage from Cuba, early 2000s. Ryanne captures Cuba’s singular cultural and natural landscape with a keen eye for cinematography and pacing. In her own words:

This was May of 2001. I had just fallen in love with a boy long distance and this was the first time we’d been together in about 3 months. The sad thing about it? He didn’t feel the same any more and broke up with me on the first day in Havana. 90 miles from the US and I was completely trapped with no communication back home, sharing a hotel room with this fucker. 18 days in hell is basically what it was. Fortunately, this was a college trip so I had some other folks around to drink amazing rum with and smoke the best cigars on earth. Someday I hope to get back to Cuba and enjoy it with new eyes.

As always, visit our File Directory for a link to a high resolution file at the Internet Archive of this footage and more from Ryanne’s trip to Cuba.


Comment from chuck
Time: September 28, 2007, -5

great footage, esp. with the backstory.

Comment from Robert Croma
Time: September 29, 2007, -5

Fantastic. Despite Ryanne’s heartbreak she shot some gorgeous poignant 8mm.

I’ve never been in Cuba proper, except for one stop off at the airport in Havana in the early 90s (en-route to Nicaragua). Would love to visit. Ryanne’s little film is a beautiful waltz…great stuff!