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Spaghetti Western

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UPDATE: For a most excellent trailer and more information about Get Mean, check out this site. It’s absolutely worth a look!

And, for a beautiful, flattering review of Lost in Light from the French publication Télérama, with an especially nice discussion of the Carrier 1959 film, go here (in French).

This week’s post is one of my favorites on Lost in Light – behind the scenes footage of a Spaghetti Western in production in Spain, 1975. Gorgeous footage that takes us right inside the extravagant, but totally lo-fi, sets and action. California’s Diane Dobronte shares the story behind the film that goes behind the film:

It was 1975 and my boyfriend, Tony Anthony, had written, produced and was starring in an American-Italian co-production film called Get Mean – in the spaghetti western genre. Tony had already done several of these: The Stranger in Town, The Stranger Returns, Blindman (a fave of mine – with Tony as a blind cowboy with a seeing-eye horse – and Ringo Starr as a Mexican bandito) to name a few, and he had an international following but never really released in the US.

I had borrowed my dad’s camera so I could send family some film of what I was doing in Spain and Italy. This piece is filmed on location in Spain, where the Sergio Leone films had been done – extras were mostly Spanish, most of the other stars and crew were from Italy…. and post production was in Cinecitta Italy outside of Rome. You can see the big fan they were using to get the tumbleweed tumbling and the dust up……It was an exciting and romantic time and brings back some interesting memories.—diane dobronte, taos, nm. Sept 2007

More info on Get Mean here, and a Roger Ebert review of Blindman here.

Music: Justin Gordon, “High and Lonesome” and Al Foul, “Ever Been Hit by a Flying Saucer,” both courtesy the Podsafe Music Network.

For a high resolution version of the complete Spaghetti Western footage, visit our File Directory for a link to the mpeg at the Internet Archive.


Comment from Robert Croma
Time: September 24, 2007, -5

Superb footage! And so rare.

I’d lap these movies up in the 70s when I was younger. My favourite, of course, was Clint. His Spaghetti movies were eventually constantly shown on tv in the UK – although my dad took me to see The Good, the Bad and the Ugly at the cinema. He was a Rawhide fan, you see and imposed his Clintic passions on me. But I wasn’t complaining. Anything on a screen that was moving had me captivated. My mother took me to see The Sound of Music 5 times when I was 8! Oh yes. And I’ve dressed like Maria von Trapp ever since.