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Fish Trip of a Lifetime – with sound!

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This week, a Super 8 SOUND film! And this film captures one of those trips that engraves itself in memory – good times, good friends, good fishing, and a boat full of beer.

The adventure takes place on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon in 1979. The fishing outfitter, River Trips Unlimited of Medford, Oregon, is still very much in business and celebrating 41 years of river tripping on the wild Rogue.

From California, contributor Diane Dobronte offers a little bit of the fish tale:

The trip was during the time that my dad, Dr. Frank Dobronte, was in private practice as a periodontist in Pleasanton, CA. There were 10 or so other dentists in his study group and they met once a month to study together and keep up to date on the latest information in dentistry – they went on fishing trips together every year or every six months plus other fun stuff with the wives. My dad was about 10 years older than all the other men and outlived them all but one….. He always thought they exercised too much….haha…his love was fishing and vodka…I do know they had a great time together.

Be sure to check out our File Directory for a link to the unedited, full resolution version of this film on the Internet Archive, which also includes footage from Washington, D.C., and a Mother’s Day celebration with the kids — all with glorious SOUND!


Comment from Kent Bye
Time: September 7, 2007, -5

Wow, what a great little piece there. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

I’m also struck w/ how much has changed over the last 29 years — from the huge aluminum boats then to the white water rafts of today to the Super 8 video and external mics vs. what people would take today.

But also has stayed the same — a trip out into nature like this would be mostly the same type of experience today as it would then.

It’d also be great if some of the digital cameras today could emulate the deep saturated and grainy look of 8mm film. I know it’s possible to do in post, but I’d love to see more of it from the people w/o a ton of color correcting experience. It just has a richer feeling of nostalgia.

Comment from david
Time: September 9, 2007, -5

That was wonderful to watch. Brought back many memories of the fishing trips I used to take when I was young.

What amazes me was how good that audio was from that mic he was holding.

I agree with Kent on the look of the 8mm film. Just love the warmth that film had.

Comment from Robert Croma
Time: September 16, 2007, -5

Beautiful! And superb sound quality. And all on 8mm! I love that gauge. Has a exquisite quality all of its own. So fantastic to see it digitized here. Imagine how much 8mm is languishing in attics and cupboards around the world.

I used to go to film parties as a boy, where family friends and relations would show the Super 8 movies while we kids munched crisps and drank pop. I go all funny and warm watching stuff like this. I suddenly start eating crisps!

Comment from Nelson
Time: September 27, 2007, -5