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Demolition 7

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Demolition 7 (by Richie Sherman, 2005, 8.5 min) is a whiskey-soaked journey through the county fairgrounds of Anywhere, USA. Through Lynyrd Skynyrd anthems blaring from PA speakers haphazardly attached to electric poles. Through frito pies and funnel cakes fingers, crowds of sticky sweet sugar, sweaty kids, and cheap beer. Through drunk friends passed out and sunburned, awaking to catch a glimpse of female figures on dirt mounds backlit by unforgiving setting sun before passing out again. Through squinting eyes and exhaust, sledgehammers clearing wheel wells. Half-ashed cigarettes dangling above 5/8″ sockets, the clicking of ratchets as mesh-hatted fat men in mustaches look on.

America, reduced to the serenity of a local girl singing the national anthem, the throttling of beaten engines, and the collective anticipation the moment before impact. The demolition derby is a beautiful symphony ending in a mist of radiator steam, smoke, and heavy night air that gently guides you from fairground field parking back home again. All of this so perfectly captured though sight in sound in Mr. Sherman’s little super 8 film.
— Aaron Valdez

Richie Sherman is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Film, Video and Media Studies at Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA. He has an extensive background in various forms of filmmaking. He has recently received rave reviews for cinematography on the indie feature The Guatemalan Handshake. Demolition 7 is available on DVD through The Journal of Short Film (#2).