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Rhodesian Safari

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(note: film contains some graphic images of a hunt)

This week’s film comes from a truly amazing collection of footage, submitted to us by Mack Lundy in Williamsburg, Virginia. This excerpt takes us to Rhodesia, 1952, for a glimpse at a hunt: climbing trees to search for game, scenes of the hunting camp and grass gazebos, the hunters with their prey, skinning an elephant, a zebra, and a cape buffalo. The footage was shot by Mack’s father, Mack A. Lundy, Jr.

Mack fills us in:

How did my father, an Air force TSgt, happen to be on safari In Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) in 1952? He was a crewman assigned to the Air Attache in the American Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa where we lived for four years. We being my mother, brother, and me. The staffs of the embassy and Air Attache were small and socially not much distinction was made as to rank. There were quite a few perks to being associated with the diplomatic corps. I have the actual game licence issued to my father showing all the fees were waived. It was an exciting event for a boy from south-west Virginia only seven years out of a German POW camp. His hometown newspaper printed a story about his safari. He went on other hunting and fishing trips in Africa but later in life, he regreted the trophy game he killed and never really hunted again after we returned to the U.S. He preferred to use a camera to record wildlife. Some of the trophies taken during this safari have survived fifty years of moving and I have the lever-action rifle he used for smaller game.

The unedited Internet Archive version of this film includes the safari as well as footage from Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, complete with elephants, hyenas, hippo, cape buffalo, and other scenes of wild Africa.

Music: Ephat Mujuru, “The Lion (Shumba)” from Journey of the Spirit


Comment from Chuck Leggett
Time: May 5, 2007, -5

Interesting footage despite the repulsive “hunt” scenes. Good music, too.

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