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Scottish Games

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Our film starts with both the creepiest and coolest see-saw ever made. I’m sure many a kid were afraid to get near this thing. Next we are transported to the Scottish Games somewhere in New York (I believe my aunt and uncle were living in Schenectady at the time). Drum and pipe bands are led into the fairgrounds by their mace-twirling majors. Lasses perform Highland Dances including a Sword Dance while accompanied by a lone bagpiper. A few daring strongmen take on the caber toss, striving for that perfect 12 o’clock toss while a future Magnus ver Magnusson gives a mini-caber a try.

Witness Highland Games for yourself by checking out the Eastern or Western United States Pipe Band Association website for upcoming events.

Music: “Dueling Bagpipes” by the Chieftains from the album Santiago.


Comment from quirk
Time: April 18, 2007, -5

awesome. I’ve been listening to bagpipes and accordions all week from Peeping Tom.

This is important stuff you’re doing here. Good work.

Comment from Rupert
Time: April 18, 2007, -5

I never thought I’d find myself sitting watching a cine film of an American Scottish games with mad bagpipe music and feeling moved and inspired.
Very, very cool.
And I want that seesaw. I think my little girl would dig it. After she’d stopped crying from fright.