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From Desert Air to Palm Trees

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From that great collector of old home movies, eBay, comes this reel-in-the-raw of a visit to Silver Spur Ranch in Tucson, Arizona and, according to the label on the box, Coco Palms in Kauai, Hawaii. Shot on vivid Dynachrome 8mm, this film features everything from kids doing backflips into a swimming pool to an amateur snake wrangler to the jagged cliffs of the Arizona desert to lily pads on a peaceful lagoon. Some scenes of Echo Canyon and Sugarloaf Mountain too. All for $1.99 plus shipping.

According to the box, the film is from 1964, shot by the Dreckman family of Lakewood, California.

If anyone can add any more details about the locations depicted here, please leave a note in the comments. This is an orphaned film, so we don’t have an original source to go to for more information. Any background our viewers can offer will help us to archive and tag this film better.

Music: “Spanish Surf” by cdk