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Way Out West

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After much speculation and a multi-state search I am proud to present the infamous “goat milking” home movie. It all starts innocently enough at the 4th of July Rodeo in Cody, Wyoming with our vacationing family taking in the bucking broncos and calf ropers from the safety of corral fences. But soon the oldest son is mixing it up with the local boys (barefoot mind you) in a pig chase. Not to be outdone by his older brother, the smallest of the bunch enters the goat milking race. The goal being to sprint a quarter-mile with a glass bottle to the waiting goat, squeeze a few drops of milk in your bottle, and then sprint back to the finish line.

Sometimes these things are easier said than done and anticipated strategies go out the door when said goat doesn’t take kindly to your technique. Persistence pays off in the end and mankind maintains its rightful place slightly above goat in the hierarchy of the animal kingdom.

The unedited Internet Archive version of this home movie features thirty minutes of footage from Yellowstone National Park, the Continental Divide, extended rodeo footage, and parade footage. (available shortly)


Comment from missb
Time: April 4, 2007, -5

God, I love watching other people’s home movies. You have no idea.

Comment from chuck
Time: April 4, 2007, -5

I loves me some little goat-milkin’ cowboys.

Comment from jay dedman
Time: April 5, 2007, -5

i cant find who made this film?
is it found footage?

It’s funny to see that not that long ago people hung out outside like this for fun. Growing up in Houston, we would go to the huge rodeo and livestock show each year. All i wanted to do was eat 5$ bags of beef jerky. i’d rather have chased greased pigs though. The rodeo had gotten too safe by this time.

Comment from Aaron
Time: April 5, 2007, -5

We’ve been keeping contributor’s name anonymous but I think we’ll make it an option from here on out. Sometimes people get embarrassed by the “awkward years.”

All films thus far have been submitted and are not “found”. Thanks for the comment,

Comment from Bert
Time: April 9, 2007, -5

I sure am glad I didn’t catch up with that greasy pig. The winner got an armpit of grease and a ribbon. My little brother was killed in a tractor rollover accident a few years later so I enjoyed seeing him again after all these years. I wonder if they have rodeos in heaven.