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African Dance

click image to play video in Flash | Quicktime | MPEG-2

A celebration of African dance and music. Several different groups and styles accompanied by traditional instruments. There’s very little we know about these films. I was able to look up some of the names seen throughout and a few popped up as peoples found in South Africa.

We’d love to get some comments with more information about the different groups, dances, and instruments featured. We know the films were taken around 1960. The complete unedited films with additional footage can be found at the Internet Archive.


Comment from cheryl
Time: March 23, 2007, -5

This is so very awesome! I have no clue what a lot of these different groups are but I’m going to watch pretty closely and see what I can figure out. A lot of the moves are similar to the Haitian dance filmed by Maya Deren.

Tell me what the music is. I used to have the CD, I can almost visualize the cover, but I don’t remember who the performers are or the name of the CD or the name of the song. Let me know if you can.

Thanks for this post – I love it.

Comment from orly
Time: April 3, 2007, -5

i love this video.. love.

but, the mpeg2 version on looks distorted. i would LOVE to have a high quality version of this video.

Comment from Aaron
Time: April 5, 2007, -5

The music is from a drumming CD called Pulse of Life. Lots of different stuff on it. Someone burned me a copy so I have no other info.

Also Orly, testing out the MPEG-2. Our source file looks fine. Will post back here with update. We\’ll re-upload to IA if needed.

Ahh wait I see… you mean the subtle horizontal lines? Good eyes. I will reload upload some time in the next week.

Comment from Aaron Valdez
Time: April 5, 2007, -5

New MPEG-2 conversion up here:

Let us know if there’s a problem. Thanks.

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