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Of the Earth

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Lost in Light is pleased to present work from our first film-to-video customer, Cheryl Colan! Cheryl is an active videoblogger (check out her site at hummingcrow: one squall voice) and educator in Phoenix, Arizona. She brings us “Of the Earth,” a lovely, meditative film in rich color from 1998. She says of this piece:

Of the Earth is a short documentary of the Fresh Water Prayer to Eshu in the Ifa spiritual tradition. The audio, which is unfortunately lost, gave the words of the prayer and their translated meaning.

The film’s beginnings are not lofty: I had a few reels of Super 8mm left over from a film school project and was looking for a way to use them. I was interested in short-form documentary and the idea of recording a moment in time that had spiritual significance. We all have little rituals that we perform daily or weekly that renew and refresh us. These moments are, for me, the more memorable parts of living.

The prayer ceremony was recorded twice, first with two stationary cameras recording from different positions, then with one handheld camera for close-up shots. These were edited together into the final piece.

I am very grateful to Lost in Light for the transfer service they provide. It will give me the opportunity to reproduce the audio and preserve this little film in a much more accessible format.

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Comment from cheryl colan
Time: January 22, 2007, -5

Oh wow! The transfer came out really well. I can’t wait to receive the miniDV tape tomorrow.

I forgot to put in my notes that the opening title and end credit was created by putting the words on my computer screen and then shooting the screen in a darkened room. And that the ground is really yellow, because it’s covered with fallen lemons. So no one should view that as a color flaw in the transfer – it is perfectly accurate.

Your service is the most awesome thing. I’ll be sending more from my husband’s family as soon as he figures out which box it’s stored in. I can’t recommend you enough. Thanks for helping me rescue this footage.

Comment from Dave Toole
Time: January 23, 2007, -5

Great way to bring back memories, there sure are a lot of great stories that have been captured that you are bringing back to life. Keep it up.

Comment from jay dedman
Time: January 26, 2007, -5

the 8mm makes it look really old.

Comment from cheryl colan
Time: January 26, 2007, -5

Yeah, that is the cool thing about Super 8mm and 8mm, it gives anything an “old” or “dreamlike” feel.

Comment from steve garfield
Time: January 30, 2007, -5

I featured this on Vlog Soup


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