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How to Make Home Movies…

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The following video is the second half of a Blackhawk educational film entitled How to Make Home Movies Your Friends Will Want to See Twice. Read a personal account about Blackhawk films here from a former employee. No information on the exact date could be found. The entire film, including the first part covering shooting an indoor birthday party, can be seen here on the Internet Archive.

The red tint is due to the manufacturing process of this particular stock coupled with age and probably less than ideal storage since his film was part of a public library collection. For information on preserving your home movies visit Film Forever sponsored by the Association of Moving Image Archivists. Here are a few tips from their site:

  • Do not store films in an attic. In the summer this is too hot, and the temperatures vary too much throughout the seasons.
  • Don’t store film near heaters, plumbing pipes, radiators, sprinklers, windows, electrical sources, or sinks.
  • Do not store film in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid high humidity–do not store in a basement. Most basements are quite humid and perfect for mold. Also, there can be danger of flooding.
  • Avoid exterior, south-facing walls or locations that receive direct sunlight.
  • For films with magnetic soundtracks, keep away from magnets such as those found in stereo speakers as well as heavy-duty electrical cables.
  • Avoid any locations near chemicals, paint, or exhaust. Chemical fumes, including those found in everyday air pollution, when combined with a high relative humidity can cause film to deteriorate and images to fade.