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Lost in Light is a videoblog about small gauge filmmaking featuring weekly posts of home movies, work by artists, articles by preservationists and film scholars, video tutorials and other film gems.




Proposal for Have Money Will Vlog

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This project begins today, October 22, 2006. We invite you to take part in this launch with a donation that will help not only to get the site up and running, but lay the foundation for it to continue. Lost in Light is purely a labor of love.

This is a project about the 8mm film format. But 8mm is dead, you say? On the contrary! Not only is the format alive with innovation by filmmakers around the world, but hours and hours of Super 8 and regular 8mm film exist in attics and basements the world over—as home movies, educational films, works of art—that is slowly fading from the historical record.

We’re here to preserve that record before these films are lost, and to make those films available for viewing by the public and for use by artists seeking new, compelling footage. Lost in Light is a project devoted to preserving, showcasing, and celebrating films created on the small-gauge 8mm film format.

To that end, we will provide free Super 8 and 8mm to video transfers to anyone who asks, in exchange for posting their video to the Lost in Light site and on the Internet Archive with their choice of Creative Commons licenses. In addition, Lost in Light will include articles and features by members of the filmmaking and film preservation communities, video tutorials for making 8mm films, as well as creative work, all with the goal of preserving and championing this important film format.

The site will have a soft launch with some content as soon as funding is available, with a full, hard launch set for January 2007.

Please join us on this exciting visual journey through time and creativity.

To support this project go to Have Money Will Vlog and make a donation today.


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Comment from mike aronson
Time: November 21, 2006, -5

Interesting concept, but unlikely this will be much of a succes beyond a few 8mm film enthusiasts.

I can see this content up for new creations as one of the options you suggest. But most of it doesn’t merit being saved. The historical record has enough noise without adding more mostly meaningless images from those attics you refer to with such faux reverence.

Anyway, drop the religious fervor for 8mm film from your propaganda and focus on the idea and you may make this a worthwhile endeavor. At this point it’s a silly feel good concept with no direction.

mike aronson
altadena, ca

Comment from Aaron Valdez
Time: November 21, 2006, -5

Thanks for your comments Mike. God forbid we create a feel good concept, maybe we should focus our time shooting down other people’s ideas. Long live faux reverence, propaganda, and religious fervor!


Comment from Viviane Vives
Time: January 18, 2007, -5

I love the idea! I adore Super 8… Somewhere I have all the footage my father shot in the sixties, in Spain… I need to find it. I was meaning to transfer this material so I could use it in a couple of video art projects… and here you are. Keep the efforts!

Comment from Rechtsanwalt Strafrecht München
Time: May 1, 2007, -5

Very great Idea. I will try that as well. C.u. soon.